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All pregnancies are precious, but IVF pregnancies are particularly special as they are so hard fought and won.

Often IVF is commenced after years of trying unsuccessfully to fall pregnant. It may seem like the whole world is falling pregnant around you while you struggle to achieve fertility.

When you finally achieve a positive pregnancy test you are likely elated, exhausted and delighted – but you may also be anxious about protecting the pregnancy and getting it to full term.

Having done years of IVF with my partner I really DO understand what you have gone through. I will support you every step of the way as you navigate your pregnancy.

IVF pregnancies are higher risk pregnancies and require additional monitoring. 

I welcome all my pregnant patients (IVF or otherwise) to call me if you are feeling anxious. You are welcome to come into the rooms for a quick bedside scan at any time. This is the easiest and fastest way to give you peace of mind between antenatal appointments. 

If you are still trying to get pregnant, you are very welcome to come in and have a chat about fertility testing and treatment options. Should you require it, I work closely with some of the smartest minds in fertility in Sydney.  Doctors with many years of experience who can become part of the team assisting you in your dream of parenthood.