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Dr Peng offers complete office-based gynaecological services as well as gynaecological surgery if required (including laparoscopic surgery). He is very experienced in assessing and treating patients with a range of issues including (but not limited to) menstrual issues, cervical screening, menopause and prolapse issues. He can provide you continuity as you travel through every phase of your reproductive life.

Dr Peng is very proud to have numerous patients who have seen him over many years, and also multi-generational family members who all attend his practice. Dr Peng completely understands that a trip to the gynaecologist is about as welcome as a trip to the dentist (it’s ok, he doesn’t take it personally). With this in mind, he aims to make your visit as comfortable and relaxed as possible, with plenty of time to discuss your issues in detail and develop a suitable treatment plan that you fully understand.